The Power of WITHOUT sets a vision for Guadalajara, Latin America and Beyond

A Recap of our first virtual City Science Summit

A still from the opening video created by the UdeG team for the Main Stage presentations
Countries in blue represent countries with participation in the event with a majority of the audience from the USA, México, UK, China and Germany.

Main Stage Presentations
The Power of WITHOUT — anchoring a vision for the future of our communities

Summit Workshop — International partners, big ideas, diverse perspectives

Image from the E-Learning WITHOUT Equality workshop hosted by UdeG showing users issues with online learning
MIT and UdeG teammates with summit participants at the Closing Ceremony

New ways to engage — creative content and the VR platform

What’s next?

Guadalajara Cathedral — Photo courtesy of the University of Guadalajara

An international community that shares the common goal to enable more livable, equitable, and resilient communities.

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